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The Pet Library: Kids Early Reader Chapter Book Series

Check out my recently published kids early reader chapter book The Pet Library, Grand Opening, available on Amazon.

Meet Audrey Plum and her pals who tend to get up to all sorts of adventures when they learn about a place called the Pet Library where you can borrow a pet...

“Stage a protest,” said Nick.

“A protest?” said Audrey. “What’s that?”

“That’s when people are mad about something and they march down the street with signs and stuff,” Nick explained. “I saw one on TV.”

“Like a pet protest?” said Audrey.

“Yeah, exactly!”

Audrey (sugar) Plum has a problem. Her parents don’t like pets. They say pets are too much work, too much trouble. When the Pet Library visits Audrey’s class at school, she thinks that borrowing a pet is the answer to her pet problem. She just needs to convince her parents of that. Audrey will do just about anything to go to the grand opening of the Pet Library. All her friends are going! But Audrey and her friends learn that caring for a pet and keeping it safe is not so easy...what with crazy jealous birds...freaky high school science experiments...and flaming barbeques to deal with...Hopefully, no one gets hurt.

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